Brian Teague, Foreman of the Nitty Gritty

From coordinating our construction projects to fixing problems large and small, Brian is a natural when it comes to home repair.

As someone who enjoys working with his hands and building things, Brian works quietly in the background, a role that suits him well. Brian is pretty much the opposite of Matt (who also happens to be his partner), and if Matt can envision something in a home, Brian can make it happen. He’s methodical when it comes to his work, and he’s amazing at communicating with contractors—lucky us!

Brian grew up in Bellevue and went to the University of Washington, and he spent much of his youth working in the garage with his dad. His family members all seem to know how to use tools, and they did a great job passing these invaluable skills down from one generation to another. Brian has also developed a love for cars over the years, and he used to buy these old Saabs and rebuild them until they were *perfect.*

When Matt and Brian got together, Brian took on the role of fixing up their homes, which always ended up flawless. His role in the team has evolved over the years, and we have to say that he sure does thrive as our construction coordinator! We love being able to offer remodeling services to our clients, and Brian makes it all happen. He’s licensed, bonded and insured, and we love having our own go-to guy.

  • Brian’s Role
    Handyman Expert

  • Brian’s Title
    Construction Coordinator

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