Ian Gordon, The Perfect Middle Child

Ian takes Matt’s crazy and makes it palatable for the masses, making him a zen master and balancing act extraordinaire.

Ian Gordon is a Southern belle from Atlanta, Georgia. He grew up in the suburbs and always dreamed of living in a city but knew that the south wasn’t for him (the heat doesn’t help). After visiting family in Seattle during childhood summers and holidays, he decided to give it a try and moved here in 2007.

Ian didn’t find real estate—he likes to say that real estate found him. While attending school for psychology, he started an admin role at a real estate office. Someone in the office told him they’d pay for him to get his license if he’d do it, and he said yes thanks to a smart life philosophy: If he can’t rationalize himself out of something, he should pursue it!

Ian LOVES real estate and being able to help people. He also loves the fast-paced nature of the biz. As the Get Happy at Home team’s ultimate middle child (and he also happens to be a middle child of his three siblings), Ian helps sort out the good ideas from the bad (and the crazy ones), and his cool and collected nature add a sense of balance to the chaos of it all.

When Ian’s not busy wrangling Matt or bossing Amber around, he’s probably watching trashy reality TV, hanging out with his tight friend group, traveling, or geeking out over cars.

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    Zen Master & Balancing Extraordinaire

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