Seattle Real Estate News Welcome to the Team, Ian Gordon!

It was the middle of the summer, and I seriously needed a break from work. I reached out to Ian to see if he could cover for me while I was gone, and Ian agreed—and I headed out on our boat for a much-needed 8-day vacation:

We were in the throws of our busy season (hence why I was exhausted and needed a vacation), and Ian was able to get 4 of my big clients in contract. He was amazing. Ian was so organized, and he communicated with me about what was going on because he knew I’d be worried. But at the same time, he was able to handle everything on his own and let me rest and rejuvenate.

The result? Ian won all of the homes he offered on.

At the time, we also had some listings we were reviewing. It was then that I really realized OMG, Ian would be perfect for our team. He works like me, he gives advice like me, and he even acts like me, haha!

I’m always super busy with work, and I’ve known for awhile that I needed to bring on a partner, but I was always worried that it wouldn’t be a good fit. All of my clients want to work with me (that’s why they call me specifically, after all), and Ian is a perfect fit for our team. Get Happy at Home needs him as much as it needs me or anyone else.

Ian was already a successful agent on his own—he was in the top 10 in our office. Now that he’s joined as my business partner, organization sh*t is getting done, and we’ve been taking on 3-4 clients a week. He’s been the best thing to happen to our team since we started Get Happy at Home, and we’ve doubled our business!

Here’s to many years working together, Ian! Cheers!

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