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Introduction Meeting

Now, let's talk about our game plan. 🚀 Typically, we like to kick off this journey with a meet-and-greet session but don't worry, it will be a breeze! 🌟 During this virtual coffee chat (or in person if you prefer), we'll dive into your dreams, wishes, must-haves, and the nitty-gritty details of what makes your heart sing in a home. 🤩 Expect a barrage of questions as we get to know your goals, timing, and how this exciting purchase fits into your grand plan. This meeting is also our chance to see if we make the perfect real estate tag team! 🤝

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Let's Get Educated


Taken what we learn from our introduction meeting, we help pair you with a few lenders we think will best fit your needs. We can also help give you advice on anything else you may need help with in preparation of making an offer on your happy home. If you need to sell stocks or are receiving gift funds from a family member, we like to be cued in so we know how to advise you on the matter. Expand

Learning Tours

We hop in the car to start the learning process which we call "Neighborhood Dating". We like to say that the car is the classroom and we truly mean it. We take our clients around to many neighborhoods and discuss the history of the neighborhood, what is happening presently and what is projected in the future. Often times buyers have ideas already about the neighborhoods they want to live in (and if you don't thats OK too!). We like to test your assumptions to make sure you see all the options that fit within your wishes, wants and needs before you make a decision. We take our buyers to go shopping in the neighborhoods they are curious about and to try out the local restaurants and shops. We discuss what homes and neighborhoods will make for a good investment and help make sure the home you fall in love with will be good for your long term future. After all, all buyers become sellers eventually and we want to make sure that process is easy for you too. Expand


We never rush you and allow all our buyers to make decisions on their own time. We will talk you out of more homes than into them because we want to make sure you are making the best decision possible. We will help keep you true to your original goals. Buying a home is an emotional process and sometimes people fall in love with the crown molding and forget the home is missing a key element they need like a 3rd bedroom and we will help keep you true to what it is you need to live a happy lifestyle. Expand

Contractor Expertise

Another thing that sets us apart is that we can help you make any home your own by changing the things you might not like. Often times we get clients who say things like "we hate carpet and don't want to see homes with carpet" but that diminishes their search power by far too much and likely increases the cost of the home they would need to buy. Instead we like to help clients make the little tweaks to their home so they are truly in love with where they live. We have our contractors license and can help price, source and hold our client's hands through the process. We also pass along our contractor discounts to help our client's save money. During our searching processes we can help you decide if the changes you want to make will be worth it from a value perspective. This saves you a lot of money while searching by broadening your options. Expand


How You Win With Us

Our average client only puts in 1-2 offers. Once you think you've found your happy home, we set off to work. Our client's typically only put in 1 offer even in highly competitive situations. How do we do that? Well it's a very nuanced answer and is different for each house but we will explain a few ways below.
  1. We make sure you are set up with a good lender who Seattle realtors like and trust. This helps make your offer stronger and makes it possible for you to safely waive contingencies in a competitive situation.
  2. We research the house. We have inspectors who can make it out to the house in as little as 2 hours in some cases. We also take a close look at the house ourselves. We aren't inspectors but we have sold a lot of homes and do a lot of construction so we know how homes are built and know most things inspectors will turn up. We look at the age of the house and discuss the potential problems or costly items that may come along with the house to make sure you are ready to take on those items if they come up.
  3. We ask the listing agent round robin questions to try to see what the interest level of the home may be. We analyze the home on its strong points, and its weaknesses and then take a close look at the micro market to try to predict what the home may end up doing. We also make a good connection with the listing agent so they feel confident in our abilities.
  4. We write perfect offers so the other side of the transaction has nothing to worry about or complain about. We see sloppy offers too often when we are listing agents and we know it doesn't inspire confidence. It also allows us to have open conversations with the other side when it comes down to negotiations.

Transactional Support

Once you've won the home and are under contract we lead you through an uneventful closing process. We have our transactional coordinator ensure the process evolves smoothly. Because we have an intimate knowledge of the process, we know how to avoid or correct issues before they become a problem. Once you're under contract we send out a long email with all important dates so that you feel informed of what is to come throughout the process.


Lifetime Relationship

Once your house closes our relationship is NOT over. We see our relationships as long term. We can help you find a sewer expert 2 years down the road or pick out new paint colors for your dining room. We have all the contacts available to you if you ever need to do something to your home and we know how to find good people. We have lots of contractors who work with us almost exclusively and as a result they give our clients great deals because of our long term working relationships with them. We will also help analyze the changes you want to make to your home to make sure you are spending your money wisely. No matter what you may need, we are here for you!


Client Case Studies

We thought it would be helpful to show how we helped our previous clients by providing these case studies for you to view. Each client had a specific situation we had to help them work through and hopefully you will be able to see how we approached these scenarios to help give you a better idea how our team works.

“Get Happy at Home is an awesome realtor! He helped us navigate the very treacherous Seattle housing market. He guided us towards the right neighborhood and house which meshes perfectly with our lifestyle. Moreover Matt's USP is his personal touch. He showed us every home personally and was always available to answer our questions. This helped us move fast enough in this highly competitive market. The best part was that Matt never pressured us to make a decision - Matt only gave us the required data points but the decision was always ours to make.”

- Shaurya G., Issaquah Highlands

“We worked with Get Happy at Home to purchase our new home in the Greater seattle area. The housing market is an aggressive one to navigate & Matt the right people to help you - He went over & above to make sure you have an edge while submitting an offer, and truly help swing things in your favor. Matt is super friendly, extremely knowledgeable, organized & responsive. We bought the first house we saw & loved but did tour a few houses with Matt over a weekend. His honest opinion during house tours was really appreciated & helped us gauge things from a different perspective. They also own a construction company, so it was extremely helpful to have their perspective on how much it would cost to remodel stuff while touring houses. Matt was also super helpful in getting us in touch with multiple local lenders for quick pre approvals. Everything right from house tours, to putting an offer to closing was a seamless process for us! Having worked with other realtors in past transactions, we could tell the stark difference in knowledge & professionalism while working with Matt. It's no wonder they are so popular & came highly recommended by most of our friends. Overall a fantastic experience and I would highly recommend this team to anyone looking to buy a house in Seattle & surrounding areas!”

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Client Case Studies