Meet Ryan Palardy, Smarty Pants Who Does It All

Ryan is our resident smarty pants and jack-of-all-trades, always ready to adapt, and we love how he is always willing to lend a helping hand. Bonus factor: he can reach all the shelves Amber can’t ;).

Ryan grew up in Boston, and as a kid, he wanted to do anything and everything. After getting a degree in sociology, he decided to attend law school, which is what brought him to beautiful Seattle. After graduating from the University of Washington School of Law and practicing as an attorney in the area for several years, Ryan was lucky enough to find his real calling along the way: the fast-paced and ever-changing world of real estate!

Ryan’s kind of like an onion. Hear us out. It feels like everyday, we learn something new about him. That’s right; he has many layers. We still remember the day that we learned how he makes his own ice cream. Ryan also plays Australian Football (it’s not soccer, it’s not rugby, it’s… well, ask him about it sometime). He loves “nerdy stuff” like D&D, Magic: The Gathering, going to Ren Faires, and occasionally Comic Con. We only just found out that he has a “metalcore” band on the side! We think it’s all rad. What will Ryan surprise us with next!? All we know is that Ryan is always game for whatever challenge or opportunity the next day will bring, and his clients love his energy, honesty, and humor.

Ryan has lived in many Seattle neighborhoods. He’s spent his fair share of time in North Seattle while he was in law school and has lived all over University District, Ravenna, and in the Phinney Ridge/Ballard area. However, Ryan’s favorite place to live is in his current spot, Capitol Hill.

  • Ryan’s Role
    Renaissance Man (With a Plan)

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    Associate Broker

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