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    There’s always something new to explore.

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    There’s a large variety of options whether you have your heart set on a condo, townhome, or house.

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    People all around Seattle and the suburbs go to Capitol Hill for fun.

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    Capitol Hill is vibrant and some might call that busy and loud. This can be avoided in North Capitol Hill or high on the hill beyond 15th Ave. Homelessness is a thing, mostly centered around lower Capitol Hill, Broadway and below.

welcome to Capitol Hill

🌈 Welcome to the heartbeat of Seattle - Capitol Hill! 🏡 Capitol Hill is still as vibrant as ever, buzzing with energy and oozing with character. 🎉 While it's true that some corners of lower Capitol Hill have faced their fair share of challenges, this neighborhood remains an absolute gem waiting to be discovered! 💎 To make the most of your Capitol Hill experience, we'd suggest setting your sights on 12th Ave and beyond or venturing north of Republican Street. 🗺️ Here's where the magic truly happens! 🌟 Picture this: colorful street art adorning historic buildings, a kaleidoscope of shops and eateries, and a community spirit that's simply infectious. 🎨🛍️ Capitol Hill is a neighborhood where creativity flows like coffee from the nearby espresso joints! Did you know that it's home to some of the city's most iconic landmarks, including Volunteer Park with its stunning water tower views and the charming Lake View Cemetery, where Seattle's history comes alive? 🏞️🌆 Whether you're into live music, boutique shopping, or indulging in culinary delights, Capitol Hill has it all. 🎶👗🍔 And when it comes to nightlife, you'll be spoiled for choice with a dazzling array of bars and clubs that keep the party going until the early hours! 🍸🌃 So, while you navigate the map of Capitol Hill, remember that this neighborhood is a true Seattle treasure. 🗺️❤️ Discover its quirky corners, meet the friendly faces, and savor every moment in this lively, ever-evolving community. Your adventures await, so come and cherish the colorful charm of Capitol Hill Seattle! 🌆🌈🏠

"You can literally just go for a walk and expect to find something new. Capitol Hill should be known as the city that never sleeps!"


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From the Neighbors

It’s the best of all worlds, beautiful and quiet to walk in, lovely neighbors, close to the lake and close to the party scene.

Ankita K.

Happy at Home Client

[I love] the restaurants! After living in different neighborhoods I think that’s what makes Capitol Hill unique.


Happy at Home Client

Sub-Neighborhoods in Capitol Hill

When people think of Capitol Hill, it’s often the Pike/Pine area, but you really have to divide Capitol Hill into four different neighborhoods, which we’ve highlighted with our Seattle neighborhood map and corresponding neighborhood guides.

As you get to know Capitol Hill better, you’ll find that everyone has their own definitions of these Capitol Hill “micro neighborhoods.” However, this is a great place to start understanding what goes where!

Capitol Hill Sub-Neighborhood: North Capitol Hill

An older, very expensive area with larger, historic homes. Offers excellent access to I-5 and the 520 bridge to access the Eastside.

Capitol Hill Sub-Neighborhood: Broadway

This area used to be the epicenter of the neighborhood. The streets and little neighborhoods pockets surrounding Broadway, a thoroughfare lined with nightlife, restaurants, bars, independent shops, and more.

Capitol Hill Sub-Neighborhood: Pine/Pike Corridor

Stretching from 15th Ave to Downtown Seattle, this area is the new epicenter of Capitol Hill. Destination dining, bustling nightlife, and always something new. This area is perfect for people who love to be in the middle of the action

Capitol Hill Sub-Neighborhood: Summit

The Summit area of Capitol Hill has its fair share of dining, cafes, and shops, and one of the major perks of living here is the quick and easy access to South Lake Union.

Capitol Hill Sub-Neighborhood: Stevens Addition

This area includes everything in Capitol Hill that’s east of 15th Ave, and many see it as the more “mature” area of Capitol Hill. You’ll find that 15th Ave is like it’s own little city (and has come to be known by some as “Restaurant Row”), and you’ll find gorgeous sidewalks lined with old trees, many old homes, historic condo buildings, and a fair share of newer developments sprinkled in.


Capitol Hill is one of Seattle’s most well-connected neighborhoods whether you need to get to Downtown Seattle, South Lake Union, the Eastside, and more. There is the Light Rail Station on Broadway that makes it easy to head north to Husky Stadium in University District (and soon, all the way to Northgate with more light rail stops coming in the future) and all the way downtown and south to SeaTac International Airport. There are also many bus stops throughout Capitol Hill, and you can have easy freeway access whether you need to hop on Interstate-5 or get over to the Eastside via I-90 or 520.


Brimming with small businesses and locally owned shops, Capitol Hill has it all: Thrift shops, novelty shops, clothing stores, artisanal food markets, little shops selling handmade items, toy stores, home decor boutiques, bookstores, record stores, and a farmers market every Sunday starting at 11:00 AM. The neighborhood has a huge variety of shopping options that are unique to the area.


Capitol Hill has some of the very best restaurants in Seattle, period. A few of our favorites include Quinn’s (in the heart of the nightlife!), Rachel’s Ginger Beer (located in the 12th Ave Arts building), Cafe Pettirosso (amazing brunch and cocktails), Altura (expertly prepared, locally grown food), and Queen Sheba (Ethiopian cuisine with lots of vegan options!).

We also surveyed our many clients who live in Capitol Hill, and they recommend Katy's Corner Cafe, Manao, Fogon, Thudsuan Thai, Annapurna, Kaladi Brothers, Spinasse, Monsoon, Ada’s Bookstore, Momiji, Vivace Espresso, Soi, Via Tribunali, Machiavelli, Stateside, Six Arms, Kedai Makan, Oddfellows Cafe, Gokan, 8 Oz. Burger, Poqiutos, Big Mario’s, Poquitos, Tacos Chukis, Teriyaki Madness, Jamjuree, Smith, Rione XIII, Victrola, and Rocket Tacos. (Yes, this list is super long. Capitol Hill truly is home to lots of destination dining!


If hitting the club is your thing, then Capitol Hill is definitely the place to be. Neighbours, Q Nightclub, Cuff Complex, Havana, Rock Box (well, this is more karaoke than a club), R Place, and many more. Everyone comes from around the city and the suburbs beyond to hang out and go dancing.


Whatever you want to do, Capitol Hill probably has it. Capitol Hill is home to some top-notch indie film theaters, the always-active Century Ballroom, several music venues, opportunities to take a variety of classes, and much more.

This bustling neighborhood is also home to a few especially noteworthy, sprawling parks. The 48-acre Volunteer Park is home to the newly renovated Seattle Asian Art Museum, the Volunteer Park Conservatory, and scenic trails that wind through beautiful gardens and greenspace. Cal Anderson Park is another huge park right in the center of Capitol Hill, and in addition to sport fields you’ll find a playground and an iconic fountain.

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