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From Seattle’s Tiniest Park to Its Tallest Staircase: Our Fave Secret Squirrel Spots in North Capitol Hill 

Seattle’s North Capitol Hill neighborhood is absolutely brimming with tucked away, scenic outdoor spots that are a delight to visit… that is, once you know where they are! We’re sharing a few of our fave “Secret Squirrel Spots” in North Capitol Hill that you can explore next time you’re in the area, from Seattle’s tiniest park to Seattle’s tallest staircase. 

Howe Street Stairs 

Howe Street Stairs

Seattle is a city of hills, and over the years, the city has built 650+ staircases to connect neighborhoods that would otherwise be disjointed and harder to access. This includes the Howe Street Stairs, Seattle’s tallest staircase! This 388-step staircase runs from Eastlake Avenue up to Howe Street in North Capitol Hill. This staircase features 13 flights of stairs that are separated by streets and landings, and they offer not only a way to get from Eastlake to Capitol Hill, but they’re great for exercise! 

Blaine Street Steps 

Blaine St Steps are empty while Howe St Stairs are overrun

At 293 steps, Blaine Street Steps offers another picturesque spot to get in a work out. This Seattle staircase also borders the gorgeous Streissguth Gardens. 

Streissguth Gardens 

Tucked away on the western hillside of North Capitol Hill, Streissguth Gardens is nestled on about 1 acre. It’s still maintained by the Streissguth family, although Seattle Parks & Recreation now owns the space. Winding trails lead the way through beautiful gardens and picturesque ponds, and anyone can come and meander through this public park.

St. Mark’s Greenbelt 


St. Mark’s Greenbelt (just south of Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral) not only offers a noise buffer between I-5 and Capitol Hill, but it offers a lush natural area and opportunity for a quick hike without living the neighborhood! 

Seattle View from Lakeview Boulevard 1 - Lake Union

Lakeview Place (& Lakeview Boulevard Viewpoint) 

Lakeview Place is Seattle’s smallest park at just 185-square-feet in size! Unfortunately, this park is a little disappointing… it’s basically just a hillside covered in greenery, but for some reason the city has designated it as an official park. The real attraction is just down the street at Lakeview Boulevard Viewpoint right over Interstate-5. There are incredible views of the city here, and people love hanging out at the viewpoint to watch sunsets or fireworks. 


Louisa Boren Park

Louisa Boren Park & Louisa Boren Lookout 

This 7.2-acre park features a great vantage point to relax at while you enjoy lovely views looking northeast toward Lake Washington. The park is mostly made up of lush natural areas that flow into Interlaken Park. 

Louisa Boren Park via Seattle Parks & Recreation on Flickr


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Interlaken Park 

One of Seattle’s best qualities is the fact that we have SO many parks and opportunities to feel like you’re lost in natural beauty without even having to leave the city. 51-acre Interlaken Park is one of these parks, and this expansive neighborhood connects North Capitol Hill and Seattle’s Montlake neighborhood. A road allows you to drive through the park, but there are also gorgeous trails that are encompassed by the Pacific Northwest’s natural beauty. Ride your bike through the lush greenery, go for a hike and enjoy a picnic tucked away in the forest, or trade in your treadmill workout for a scenic jog on the tranquil trails! 


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And finally, since we’re talking about outdoor spots in North Capitol Hill, we have to mention Volunteer Park! This is a “not so secret” Secret Squirrel Spot—it’s a destination for locals and tourists alike. Click here to read a few fun facts about Volunteer Park on our blog!


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