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  • what you’ll fall in love with

    U-District has a funky, artistic, and bohemian-feel to it.

  • market

    Seattle is investing big time in the University District right now.

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    The city is trying to broaden the demographics in the neighborhood.

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    It’s a little rough around the edges (which I personally love).

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The U-District is a happenin’ place—things are changing fast! The expansion of the light rail into the U-District has changed a lot for the neighborhood. If you think that the University District is appealing now, it will be an especially AMAZING place to live in about 5-7 years.

"The University of Washington is like a little city unto itself—its conveniences and amenities for residents are hard to beat."


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  • 11mto Amazon Spheres

  • 27mto Amazon Spheres

  • 17mto Microsoft Redmond

  • 34mto Microsoft Redmond

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Living Near University of Washington: Ok, so what’s it REALLY like?

Of course, the University of Washington is a huge reason for living in the University District. The University is the largest employer in Seattle and has over 40,000 students in attendance—it’s like a little city unto itself, and as a result, its conveniences and amenities for residents are hard to beat.

The campus itself is a beautiful oasis, and as it’s open to the public, anyone can go for a walk (I didn’t realize that before I lived there!). On a sunny day, Mt. Rainier is out and in full view, and in the spring and summer, the cherry blossoms coupled with the smell of jasmine is just to die for. There’s beautiful landscaping all over campus, and hanging out on the lawn in the sun is an ideal way to spend an afternoon! There’s such a sense of history on the campus, and always some event, exhibition or other going on.


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