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3802 24th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108 | $1,649,880 | 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths | 2,700 sq. ft. | 2-car garage

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I'm young and set to stun you. I don't mean to brag, but my design is perfection. Not just another box, I have genuine architectural interest so be ready to be wowed. Lake Washington, the Cascades, Mt. Baker, and Downtown Bellevue accompany the Cheasty Greenbelt views, perfectly framed in my floor-to-ceiling windows. I'm more windows than walls so your scenery feels like wall art that changes with the seasons. My exterior entertaining spaces are legendary. Create an intimate dinner soirée or seamlessly host all your family and friends. North Beacon Hill feels like home—become a regular in an authentic Seattleite neighborhood. If home is where your recharge occurs, you can surely unwind here. I'm a smart home looking for new people.

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  • $1,649,880 Price
  • 2,700 SF
  • 4 BED
  • 3.5 BATHS
  • 2-Car GARAGE


My location is a little-known secret for those of us living in North Beacon Hill. 24th Ave S is a small street. On one side of the road is Jefferson Golf Course. On the other side is a beautiful ravine made up of the largest protected greenbelt in all of Seattle, the Cheasty Greenbelt. Views of Lake Washington, Mt. Baker, the Cascades, and Downtown Bellevue also accompany the Cheasty for good measure. 24th Ave S in North Beacon Hill is one of the most beautiful streets, if you ask me. Never busy, and stunning scenery. North Beacon Hill feels like home—you know who's working at Perihelion Brewery or Homer Restaurant when you drop in for dinner, and you know everyone that works at the Red Apple when you stop by to pick up groceries. And you are always happy to see your barista at The Station in the morning. North Beacon Hill is a unique Seattle neighborhood that welcomes everyone and celebrates what it means to be a part of this Seattleite community.


Honestly, I'm not trying to be boastful. I am just so into the neighborhood I’m in! Another secret that folks living in North Beacon Hill share is how easy it is to get anywhere from here. Just look at a map… North Beacon Hill has 101 ways to most places. I-5, I-90, 23rd, Rainier, MLK, HWY 509, 12th Ave, 4th Ave, and Aurora (Hwy 99) are all just a tiny hop, skip, or jump away. Do you need to commute to Bellevue from this house? 18 minutes. How about those who are commuting to Downtown Seattle? 13 minutes. South Lake Union? 11 minutes by car. But North Beacon Hill is also serviced by the light rail system, which will soon be adding even more stops. You’ll be able to catch the Eastside rail or the Seattle rail near North Beacon. Once you know about NBH, you can never unknow it!


I like to think that when it comes to outdoor living, I've got something for everyone. Do you feel like hanging out in the trees, sky, clear blue lake, or the garden? My indoor spaces flow outdoors seamlessly. Everything is calm and beautiful, all captured by nearly every oversized window. I’m tucked into the hill and look out on incredible creation. The birds will entertain, the squirrels will beg for treats, and the crows will be your best friend if you keep peanuts around. Just think about the seasons and how this scenery changes; I’m a winter ice castle, a fall lodge, a spring oasis of new growth, and a summer vacation home with views, all in Seattle. Start a fire, open a bottle, and enjoy serenity in the middle of the city. I highly recommend it.


You can't rely on looks all the time. I'm wired to be somewhat or entirely automated; it’s up to your needs if you please. Nearly every switch is LUTRON connected. The screens on the walls or your phone can control the lighting, landscaping, A/C, heat, locks, garage door, blinds (if you add them), music, Roombas, and the like. I’m also pre-wired for solar and complete with electric car charging so you've got home ready for now and later.

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  • 8mto Amazon Spheres

  • 26mto Amazon Spheres

  • 16mto Microsoft Redmond

  • 61mto Microsoft Redmond

From the Neighbors

Dr. Jose Rizal Bridge has maybe the best view of Downtown Seattle.

Ben P.

Happy at Home Client

I love going for walks in our neighborhood. There’s always other people out walking their dogs, and in the summer many people are out working in their gardens.

Alyssa C.

Happy at Home Client

North Beacon Hill, Seattle, is a neighborhood that delights both the senses and the soul. One of its standout features is its fantastic restaurant scene, where culinary excellence meets community charm. Noteworthy establishments like Homer, Bar Del Corso, Parhelion, Baja Bistro, and Cloud Cafe grace the streets, offering diverse and delectable dining experiences that will satisfy any palate. But the culinary delights are just the beginning. North Beacon Hill boasts incredible commuting options, making access to the city almost effortless. With its strategic location, residents enjoy a seamless connection to downtown Seattle and beyond. Whether you prefer to hop on mass transit or pedal through the city on a bicycle, North Beacon Hill leads the way, consistently ranking as one of the nation's top neighborhoods for eco-friendly commuting. Combine these conveniences with stunning views of the city skyline and the majestic mountains, and you have a neighborhood that truly has it all. North Beacon Hill is more than just a place to live; it's a dynamic, diverse, and delicious community that invites you to savor every moment.

Brian T

Happy at Home Client

listing highlights

Stunning views of Lake Washington, Mt.Baker, the Cascades, and Downtown Bellevue
Garage heated and finished. (not included in square footage)
Garage pre-wired for electric vehicle charging; panel pre-wired for solar panels
Kitchen features induction cooktop
All closets custom built; fit IKEA storage solutions inside
Closets in 2 small bedrooms upstairs can be moved to create one huge room
Big windows on main floor feature tracks you can have curtains fitted to
Refinished floors
Main level features wood ceiling that extends onto deck
Stained black cedar siding
Wrap-around deck
Great Lake Washington, Cascades and Mt.Baker views.
Downtown Bellevue views
Grand outdoor living
Spectacular roof deck


North Beacon Hill just might be Seattle’s best kept secret. Every year it seems like NBH gets incredible new restaurants, and there are many new developments in the works that will only make this area more and more desirable in the coming years. This particular location is especially unique in that it’s tucked away off the road, and the road it connects to only has houses on one side (with a golf course on the other) so there’s tons of street parking and it’s super quiet. And yet, everything NBH has to offer is right at your fingertips. You’re just blocks to Jefferson Park, and Beacon Hill Station, Hilltop Red Apple, and a long list of excellent restaurants are all less than a mile away. Restaurants like Musang, Bar del Corso, Milk Drunk, Perihelion Brewery, Petite Soif, Fresh Flours, Oak, Victrola Coffee Roasters, Homer and more are merely a stroll away.


Getting around the city or even popping over to the Eastside is a breeze; by car you’re 18 minutes to Downtown Bellevue, 13 minutes to Downtown Seattle, and 15 minutes to Capitol Hill (and strangely only 27 minutes to Ballard clear across the city). North Beacon Hill has easy access to I-5, I-90, and HWY 99, not to mention all of the surface roads like 12th, Rainier, 23rd, MLK, etc. And we haven’t even gotten to the transit options yet! Here you’re only 1 mile to the Beacon Hill Station where you can hop on the Light Rail (and you’re less than 2 miles to the Judkins Park Light Rail Station that’ll take you straight to the Eastside all the way to Redmond… coming soon in 2023!). Bus lines are also close by—hop on the #36 just blocks from home and take it right into Downtown Seattle.


There is really nothing quite like this home’s idyllic setting. Set off the road and surrounded by the Cheasty Greenspace (aka Cheasty Greenbelt, Cheasty Natural Area, etc.), you’re immersed in nature and surrounded by the changing seasons. Of course, the expanse of lush greenery out every window is enviable… but just you wait until it snows! This home transforms into an ice castle in a fairytale. During warmer months, sit out on the deck and listen to the birds singing and have fun seeing who comes to munch on peanuts and bird seed or sip nectar. The garden was also planted to keep hummingbirds and butterflies happy. Blue jays, hawks, and eagles all fly by, and there’s an owl friend who lives in the big trees next to the house—you can catch glimpses of him while you’re soaking in the primary suite’s tub, or when you’re at the top of the stairs looking right out the window there. And as you’ve probably already guessed, this home offers the ideal setting for outdoor entertaining—on 4th of July you’ve got views of fireworks in Bellevue and Kirkland, and during Seafair you have a front row seat to a Blue Angels show (they fly so close you can see the pilots in the cockpit). Have friends over to relax on the roof deck, keep cozy by a fire, and get ready for the show of a lifetime.


This house has beauty AND brains and it’s been outfitted with gadgets galore. First up is the theater downstairs. The sellers originally spent about $60,000 on it in 2017 and it all comes with the house, from the 81-inch curved screen TV to the 7-speaker MartinLogan surround speaker system. In the closet under the stairs you’ll find the whole media rack along with lighting controls (which controls every light inside/outside the home). The system can also be programmed to control blinds, sprinklers, and A/C; currently the sellers control the heating and A/C using an app called kumo cloud®. Downstairs is also pre-wired for motorized blinds that can be activated when you hit “play” on a movie—instantly perfect lighting let’s you really relax with the mere flick of a switch! The main floor also features a frame TV (there are extra frames that will be left with the home) and it really fools visitors into thinking it’s a framed piece of art! Don’t worry if some of these systems sound intimidating—sellers will be paying for buyers to have a consultation with their smart house contractor. You will be able to learn everything, including capabilities of the systems, how it works, and how to edit it all for your personal taste.

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