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A Beloved Neighbor-wood. Introducing the Cheasty Greenspace!

The Cheasty is one of a few truly natural green spaces left in the city of Seattle and there is a lot of buzz around the future of this space.

On the eastern slope of North Beacon Hill, there is about 50 acres of green space known to neighbors as The Cheasty. It is filled with a bounty of both native and non-native plants and animals. Neighbors and community activists have take it upon themselves to inspire a future for this space. There are many different visions and goals for the space but the Friends of Cheasty Greenspace Mt View (FCGMV) has been working with vigor since 2008 to continue cleaning up the urban woodland space.

Their vision for the space has been to remove garbage and invasive plants, plant native plants and trees, and create a comprehensive trail plan for pedestrians and mountain bikes. They believe that by creating a space for people to enjoy nature, there will be a heightened pride in the space keeping it from once again being flooded with garbage and left forgotten.

Our native plants are absolutely stunning. People come from far and wide to experience the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. However, when people move in on green spaces, it is only a matter of time before non native plants begin to take over and spaces become intruded on by garbage and people. By creating a park like experience similar to that of The Arboretum or other natural parks, The Cheasty and the native plants and animals that reside within it will continue to flourish.


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The proposed bike trail has received some backlash from the community. Some people believe that the the green space should be left as is. However, the native plants are already having a hard time surviving so something must be done. The proposed mountain bike trail will provide recreational opportunities for neighbors and families to access nature while also drawing attention to a space that, because of it’s urban location will need continued support to thrive. It seems perfectly suited to increase the biking options for a bike centric location like Beacon Hill. Many people don’t realize it but Beacon Hill is one of the top neighborhoods that commutes via bike.


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As the future of The Cheasty continues to unfold, one thing is certain: it is a cherished spot in the city and neighbors will continue fighting hard to ensure that its beauty is maintained now and in the future. If you want to get involved, check out cheasty.org for more info.


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