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Seattle Real Estate Records Set by the Get Happy at Home Team

In 2021, we are proud that several of our Happy Home listings that we sold set Seattle real estate records!

In this post, we are sharing how a few of our home listings performed compared to other similar homes in the neighborhood during the same time. How do we set these records and sell our clients’ homes quickly and for the most money possible? When we prepare our clients’ homes for sale, we have a tried-and-true process that we use to ensure that we allow you to make the most of your real estate investment when you go to sell.

For starters, we have have exclusive access to contractors (thanks to the Happy Home Contracting part of our business!) so we can get your home updates done in a timely manner. We know what buyers love, and can help guide every step of the home prep process. We also have stagers, photographers, and videographers who are all ready to make your home shine on listing day. Of course, we also have a robust marketing strategy to get your home seen by the most people possible!

If you’d like to learn more about our selling process, check out our Youtube playlist “What Seattle Home Sellers Need to Know.”

And now, here are some of our Seattle Real Estate records from the last year!

North Beacon Hill Record:

Highest Sold Price in the Neighborhood & House Sold for the Highest Price Per Square Foot in the Neighborhood 

The Hybrid Hill House in North Beacon Hill that we sold in 2021 holds the record for highest price per square foot for South Seattle with one of our listings from last year. Here are the homes we were “up against.” The Hybrid House in North Beacon Hill also holds the record for highest sold price in North Beacon Hill. 

The North Beacon Hill listing features a 2,700-square-foot layout, and includes 4 bedrooms + 3.5 baths + a 2-car garage. In July 2021, we listed the home for $1,649,880. We sold the house for $2,026,000, which is $376,120 over asking (aka 22.8% over the list price). Click here to read our behind-the-scenes blog post about how we did it!

Judkins Park Townhouse Record:

Townhouse Sold For the Highest Price in the Neighborhood 

Our Judkins Park listing was the most expensive townhouse to sell in an 8-month period during 2021 in the Judkins Park neighborhood. Here are other sold townhouses in the same area for reference.

We originally listed this 1,950-square-foot townhouse with 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths for $975,000, and it sold for $1,112,000, which is $137,000 (or 14%) over ask price. 

Mid-Beacon Hill Record:

Highest Price Per Square Foot in the Neighborhood 

The Beacon Hill house “Picture Perfect on Powell” that we sold in 2021 holds the record for highest price and price per square foot, even compared to homes that sold after it that were also much larger than ours. Here are examples of comparable homes for reference. 

We listed this 2,030-square-foot home with 4 bedrooms and 3 baths in mid-Beacon Hill for $899,880 and sold it for $1,061,000, which is $161,120 (or 18%) over asking price.

Richmond Beach Record:

Richmond Beach Area Real Estate Went Up by 7% While Our Listing Went Up By 22% in The Same Time Period

The median home price in the Richmond Beach area in Shoreline went up 7% from October 2020 to July 2021. At the same time, we helped our clients buy this house in 2020, they completely remodeled it, and then sold it the following year for 22% more than they bought it for 8 months prior. We were also the third highest price per square foot and the only home with no view to reside so high up the list. Takeaway? The neighborhood went up by 7% while our listing went up by 22% in the same time period!

This 3,161-square-foot home with 5 bedrooms and 3.25 baths was listed for $1,549,880 and sold for $1,810,000, which is $260,120 (16.7%) over ask price.

North Beacon Hill Townhouse Community Record:

Our Townhouse Listing Sold For $120,000 More Than the Last Unit Like Ours in the Community to Have Sold 

This townhouse community in North Beacon Hill was showing signs of declining prices. That is, until we listed this townhouse in the community and sold it for $120,000 more than the last unit like ours to have sold. Meanwhile, Seattle’s townhouse market was in a weak state. We beat one listing by 17% when the market had only increased by 3%

We listed this 1,475-square-foot townhouse with 2 bedrooms and 2.5 baths for $644,880 and it sold for $707,000, which is $62,120 (9.6%) over ask price.

Fremont Single-Family Home Record:

Highest Price Per Square Foot in the Neighborhood 

We sold this Fremont home in 2021. We finished the basement, and painted it inside and out. Our Fremont home sold for the highest price per square foot for the year we sold in Fremont for similar homes.

We listed this 2,020-square-foot Fremont home with 4 bedrooms and 2 baths for $1,099,880 and sold it for $1,226,000, which is $126,120 (11.4%) over ask price.

You can learn more about everything we do to help our seller clients in our video “Here s How We Help Our Seattle Home Sellers Prep Their Home for Market”:

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