North Beacon Hill

North Beacon Hill in Seattle is the preferred neighborhood for commuters who opt for non-car transportation.

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  • what you’ll fall in love with

    Cute Urban Village, Access to everywhere in Seattle, lovely treelined turn of the century streets, fabulous transit.

  • market

    Mostly single-family homes, townhomes, and multi-family housing.

  • What to expect

    Growth, improvement, new restaurants, breweries, and great walking trails through parks, and Chesty Greenbelt.

  • real talk

    Like much of Seattle, expect airplane noise. if you live on the West Side facing Downtown you will hear train noise from SODO off in the distance. Tallest hill in Seattle so bicyclist will have HUGE leg muscles.

welcome to North Beacon Hill

We surveyed residents of North Beacon Hill, and they described this Seattle neighborhood as “lively, accessible, safe, down to earth, diverse, family friendly, growing, central, up-and-coming, and hidden gem.” I agree as one of those residence of North Beacon Hill. I love this neighborhood and I also know where all the secret squirrel best spots are to live.

It’s so conveniently located but still feels quiet and quaint.” -Molly G.


Median Home Price

Commute Times

  • 8mto Amazon Spheres

  • 26mto Amazon Spheres

  • 16mto Microsoft Redmond

  • 61mto Microsoft Redmond

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From the Neighbors

Dr. Jose Rizal Bridge has maybe the best view of Downtown Seattle.

Ben P.

Happy at Home Client

I love going for walks in our neighborhood. There’s always other people out walking their dogs, and in the summer many people are out working in their gardens.

Alyssa C.

Happy at Home Client

North Beacon Hill, Seattle, is a neighborhood that delights both the senses and the soul. One of its standout features is its fantastic restaurant scene, where culinary excellence meets community charm. Noteworthy establishments like Homer, Bar Del Corso, Parhelion, Baja Bistro, and Cloud Cafe grace the streets, offering diverse and delectable dining experiences that will satisfy any palate. But the culinary delights are just the beginning. North Beacon Hill boasts incredible commuting options, making access to the city almost effortless. With its strategic location, residents enjoy a seamless connection to downtown Seattle and beyond. Whether you prefer to hop on mass transit or pedal through the city on a bicycle, North Beacon Hill leads the way, consistently ranking as one of the nation's top neighborhoods for eco-friendly commuting. Combine these conveniences with stunning views of the city skyline and the majestic mountains, and you have a neighborhood that truly has it all. North Beacon Hill is more than just a place to live; it's a dynamic, diverse, and delicious community that invites you to savor every moment.

Brian T

Happy at Home Client


North Beacon Hill, Seattle, offers homebuyers a winning combination of urban convenience and scenic beauty. Its proximity to downtown Seattle and a vibrant community spirit make it an attractive choice. Enjoy stunning views of the city and mountains from this historic neighborhood, which also boasts access to parks, transit, and diverse dining options. Notably, North Beacon Hill has more people commuting by mass transit or bicycle than any other neighborhood in Seattle and ranks among the highest in the nation for these eco-friendly transportation options. It's also recognized as one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Seattle and the United States, creating a rich and inclusive community fabric for residents to enjoy.


One of people’s favorite things about North Beacon Hill is definitely how centrally located it is, and you can reach places like Downtown Seattle, South Lake Union, and cities on the Eastside via car or public transit with ease. In addition to offering quick access to Interstate-5 and the I-90 Bridge over to the Eastside, there’s a Light Rail Station in North Beacon Hill and several buses.

There are also some big transit changes coming to town that will make commuting from North Beacon Hill even better!

Click here to read all of the details in our blog post “Light Rail Updates That Are About to Completely Revolutionize Commuting From North Beacon Hill.”


“I love how easy it is to hop on the bus and get to Downtown Seattle or Capitol Hill. The bus picks up just 2 blocks from my house. I also love being able to walk just 0.6 miles to the Beacon Hill Light Rail Station and take the light rail all the way to the airport.” - Alyssa C.

“[You can get to the] airport in 50 min—no traffic and no parking! Multiple bus options to downtown and Link Light Rail to other neighborhoods.” - Ashly H.


“Tacos Chukis, Carnitas Michoacan, Perihelion Brewery. And Fresh Flours, because they have lots of great baked goods too!” - Ben P.

“Homer, Musang, Bar del Corso, The Station (owned by POC, great community spot), and Fresh Flours (great coffee and pastries).” -Molly G.


North Beacon Hill is truly unique in that it’s a wonderfully central Seattle neighborhood, yet you’re surrounded by outdoor adventure. For example, Jefferson Park is a HUGE centrally located park with a community center, a golf course, lots of different types of sport courts, scenic trails, awesome play structures, views of Downtown, and much more. The Cheasty Greenspace is another incredible getaway where you can really feel like you’re miles and miles away from city life.

Here are a few other outdoor spots in North Beacon Hill that locals love:

“The Beacon Food Forest is there! Dreamy spot to stroll and harvest free vegetables, fruit, and herbs.” - Molly G.

“Lewis Park is a picturesque natural area with trails and city views through the trees. It's a short little trail, but just long enough to get some fresh air. It's a gem, and right at the northernmost point of North Beacon Hill.” - Alyssa C.

Beacon Hill is also a dream for bikers. In our blog post “Beacon Hill, A Biker’s Paradise!” we share the top must-know bike trails in Beacon Hill, perfect for commuters AND leisurely, scenic rides.


If you’re curious to learn more about what’s coming to Beacon Hill, we wrote a blog post in 2019 that you can check out for a *brief* preview of what’s coming to the neighborhood in the future. Click here to read “7 Big Developments Coming Soon to North Beacon Hill.”

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