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Big New Developments Coming Soon to North Beacon Hill (Updated December 2021)

North Beacon Hill is one of our very favorite neighborhoods to work in, and in fact it’s where Matt and his partner Brian have called home for many years now! 

We first wrote and published this blog post back in 2019, but we’ve just updated it (December 2021) so you can stay current on what’s happening in Seattle’s North Beacon Hill neighborhood. In fact, we’ve had to delete some of the “coming soon” developments we included last time, because they’ve already been built and completed. Reverie  Beacon Hill and Colina are a couple of the big projects that have been finished in the last couple of years. 

A few of Beacon Avenue running through North Beacon Hill looking south.

After the 2012 rezone of the North Beacon Hill neighborhood, there’s been tons of planning underway, but things are finally coming to fruition. There are dozens of new developments both large and small coming to Beacon Hill, but we wanted to take a moment to shine the spotlight on a few of the biggest ones. 

Keep in mind that while some of these developments are permitted, some of these designs are still being refined. Not all information is available for each development and in many cases we are just as curious as you are! If you want to learn more, visit SeattleinProgress.com. This website is a goldmine of information!

Project: Pac Med Development

Location: 1200 12th Ave S Seattle, WA 98144

What to expect: The vacant property just north of Pacific Tower will be developed into a mixed use project, which includes:

– Approx. 300 units included in the residential space

– Indoor and outdoor community areas

– Below-grade parking (with approx. 200-240 parking stalls on site)

– Large landscaped courtyard

– 10,000-square-foot child daycare

– 22,000-square-foot senior center

This has been discussed for a few years now, and the project is still not approved yet although it has received millions of dollars, loans, and grants from Seattle’s Office of Housing, King County, the state Department of Commerce, etc. It is a very exciting project, and you can read more about it here. 

Project: 7-Story, 84-Unit Apartment Building with Retail

Location: 2531 16th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144

What to expect:

– 7-story mixed-use building with 84 residential unit

– Parking for 20 vehicles proposed

– Permits issued on February 24, 2021

Project: 1405 S Bayview St Seattle, WA 98144

What to expect:

– A 8-story mixed-use building

– 80 residential units

– Outdoor landscaped terrace and roof deck

– Street level commercial space including restaurants with outdoor dining

– In-structure resident parking for 21 vehicles

– Permits issued on Nov. 8, 2019

Current space

Project: 2912 Beacon Avenue South Seattle, WA 98144

What to expect:

– 4-story building with 66 residential units

– 2,000+ square feet of amenity space

– 1,700-square-feet of storefront space

– 14 below ground parking spaces

– Permits issued on May 26, 2019

Project: Beacon Crossing

Location: 2505 & 2507 Beacon Ave South

What to expect:

– 7-story building with 106 units

– 2 commercial spaces

– Permits issued on April 4, 2019

Curious to learn more? Beacon Crossing already has its own website, and you can sign up for emails here to get updates on construction. We are just as curious as you are!

Project: 2537 15th Ave S Seattle WA 

What to expect:

– 4-story apartment with 37 small efficiency dwelling units

– Permits issued on October 23, 2020

Project: 2007 S State Street 

Location: 2007 S State Street

What to expect:

– 6-story 60-unit apartment building with retail

– July 24, 2018: Land use application

Project: 1906 20th Ave S

Location: 1906 20th Ave S Seattle

What to expect:

– 8-story 203-unit apartment building with retail

– Parking for 85 vehicles proposed

Project: 2101 22nd Ave S – JazzHouse

Location: 21o1 22nd Ave S Seattle

What to expect: This development is a huge deal for the area, and will be the new home of JazzED! This development will include a ground-level performing arts center and music school  in addition to affordable housing and a long list of other amenities. It is located in North Beacon Hill right by the Giddens School off of Rainier Ave, for context! Learn even more about this new space here and here.

– 7-story, 128-unit apartment building

– 16,500 square feet of institutional space

– 400-square-foot neighborhood coffee shop

– November 3, 2020: Land use application

Project: 2203 23rd Ave S

Location: 2203 23rd Ave S Seattle

What to expect:

– 8-story, 272-unit apartment building with retail

– Parking for 106 vehicles proposed


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