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Are You Missing Out on Working From Home?

Employers and employees alike are starting to catch on: Working from home has a huge variety of benefits!

Many jobs and roles these days are being converted to remote or partially remote, and the idea that you can work from home (or work from pretty much anywhere in the world!) is a pretty appealing prospect for most people.

Seattle’s employers are no different, and many of our largest employers here offer flexible schedules and the ability to work remote. With the growing numbers of employees who are starting to do this, the need for home offices and co-working spaces has been increasing. Many people are moving out of their standard office buildings and finding themselves setting up camp in the comfort of their own home!

Some of the many benefits of working from home and having a home office include:

  • Save time/energy/stress/money with a shorter commute (or zero commute!)
  • The time you get back from a commute gives you extra time to spend with loved ones, pursue new hobbies, exercise, sleep (haha), etc.
  • Wear what you want to work! Dress up or dress down, whatever makes you most productive and feel the best
  • Tax write-off for home office space and transportation costs if you’re self-employed
  • Better resale value of your home if you have an office
  • Potential guest space for short term visitors (offices can easily double as a guest room!)
  • Fewer distractions that are so common in many work environments
  • Avoid sharing germs with coworkers so you don’t have to use PTO on being sick
  • Keep home and work separate—the last thing you want when you’re relaxing in the evening is to be surrounded by your work!

We love the little office in our latest Ballard listing! There’s even a fitness center (perfect for a midday workout sesh) and a huge rooftop deck (ideal for sunny meetings when necessary!).

While working from home all the time may not be for everyone, many people really enjoy it at least part-time and love having the flexibility. I know I personally work from home for a few hours each day. While this may not be a ton of time, I’ve found that’s it’s still important to my productivity to have a designated space to work from.

The benefits of working from home and not having a long commute might save you time, but sometimes the distractions at home can end up costing you the same amount of time. (Although it sure is nice to be able to throw in a load of laundry or start marinating dinner on those work from home days!) One other downside is that it’s far too easy to turn on your email at 7pm in the evening and get sucked right back into work.

But by having a specific space to work in your home, you not only cut down on these distractions, but you can allow yourself the ability to turn off work once you are done for the day. A home office might be just the space that you need to keep work life from taking over your home life! 

Whatever the reason is for you, working from home in a home office might be your ticket to that coveted work/life balance! Cue Fifth Harmony’s “Work From Home”! 

If you work from home and are looking for a designated home office space, check out two of our listings HERE and HERE that have the perfect setups to create a home office. 

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