The who, what, and most importantly WHERE of STEM focused High Schools in Seattle.
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Seattle High Schools and Neighborhoods to Consider when Buying a Home.

The who, what, and most importantly WHERE of STEM focused High Schools in Seattle.

Looking for the best Seattle High Schools and Neighborhoods to Consider when Buying a Home? We hope to help. Seattle’s best high schools usually follow a STEM curriculum. We will help you identify the neighborhood with excellent schools and what programs they offer. Above all, this post focuses on the best STEM schools in Seattle. Seattle School District offers a range of schools with dedicated high school STEM programs emphasizing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education. We will explore some of the top STEM-focused schools in Seattle’s neighborhoods, providing details on each school’s STEM program focus, specific courses, projects, and their Schools rating. This information will help you decide when buying your next home, considering both school quality and the educational opportunities provided.

For each neighborhood, the median home price represents a 4+ bedroom, 2.5+ bath, 2100+ square foot home in each neighborhood. The goal is to help you understand the cost of living in each neighborhood. After all, part of finding the Seattle high schools and neighborhoods to consider when buying a home is how much those homes cost in each neighborhood. Hopefully, this data will help.
All school ratings were returned, looking into the scores on Great Schools. Equally important, Equity is essential in the quality of the school. In truth, you can tell a lot about a school and its staff by how hard they work with and for students who experience societal or economic disadvantages, Not to mention help them to succeed. Here you will find a digest of those Seattle school ratings and reviews. 
  1. Ballard High School | STEM focus is Robotics | Median Home Price: $1,730,000 | Rated 9/10 with a 92% graduation rate and above-average SAT scores of 1165. Equity is average, with low-income or under-served students who struggle a little compared to middle-class kids.

    (Ballard): Ballard High School offers a comprehensive STEM program on engineering and robotics. Students have access to state-of-the-art facilities, including engineering and fabrication labs, where they can design and build their projects. The curriculum includes Principles of Engineering, Robotics Engineering, and Computer-Aided Design courses. Students participate in hands-on projects, collaborate with peers, and engage in local and national robotics competitions. With a school rating 9/10, Ballard High School stands out as unique with its robotics program.

    Ballard High School serves the following neighborhoods; Ballard, Magnolia, Greenwood, Crown Hill, Phinney Ridge, Fremont, and Interbay.

  2. Garfield High School | Median Home Price: $1,975,000 | Rated 7/10 with test scores and college readiness 9/10; conversely, the school suffers from equity at 2/10. Low-income and underserved students lag far behind middle-class students. SAT scores are pretty high at 1124

     (Central District): Garfield High School boasts an outstanding STEM program primarily focusing on computer science and technology. Students can explore computer programming languages, web development, and computer hardware. The curriculum includes advanced courses such as AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science A. Students are encouraged to participate in coding clubs, hackathons, and internships with local tech companies. Garnering a school rating of 8/10, Garfield High School is a compelling option for families seeking a robust computer science curriculum.

    Garfield High School Serves the following neighborhoods; Madrona, Madison Park, Madison Valley, Montlake, Portage Bay, Eastlake, and Capitol Hill.

  3. Roosevelt High School | Median Home Price: $1,885,000 | Rated 9/10 with test scores and college readiness at 10/10/ The score is lowered by an average equity rank of  5/10, which is still better than most schools. Roosevelt is the best or highest-achieving STEM school in Seattle right now. The average SAT score is much higher than average at nearly 1200. 

    (Roosevelt): Roosevelt High School significantly emphasizes environmental science and sustainability within its STEM program. Students engage in hands-on projects on water conservation, renewable energy, and ecological restoration. The curriculum includes Environmental Science, Sustainable Engineering, and Green Technologies courses. Students will collaborate with local organizations on environmental initiatives and participate in field studies. Roosevelt High School has a strong school rating of 9/10, making it an excellent choice for families prioritizing STEM education and environmental consciousness. This is the highest-achieving Seattle High School and a good neighborhood to consider when buying a home.

    Roosevelt High School Serves the following neighborhoods; Laurelhurst, Wedgewood, the University District, Greenlake, Bryant, Ravenna, Windermere, View Ridge, Hawthorn Hills, Sandpoint, Maple Leaf, and Roosevelt.

  4. Nathan Hale High School | Median home price: $1,300,000 | Rated 5/10 with test scores at 8/10, but college readiness is a 4/10, just below average. Equity diminishes the score at 2/10 as low-income and underserved students lag far behind the middle-class population. 

     (Meadowbrook): Nathan Hale High School offers a comprehensive STEM program centered around biomedical sciences. Students explore various topics, including human anatomy, genetics, and medical research methodologies. The curriculum includes Biomedical Innovations, Medical Interventions, and Anatomy and Physiology courses. Students can access laboratory facilities and participate in internships with local healthcare providers. With a commendable Great Schools rating of 8/10, Nathan Hale High School is an attractive option for families interested in pursuing careers in healthcare and related fields.

    Nathan Hale High School serves the following neighborhoods: Belvedere Terrace, Cedar Park, Inverness, Jackson Park, Lake City, Maple Leaf, Matthews Beach, Meadowbrook, Northgate, Olympic Hills, Pinehurst, Victory Heights, and Wedgwood.  

  5. Ingraham High School | Median Home Price: $1,720,000 | Rated at 7/10 Ingram rates high in test scores 9/10 and college readiness 8/10 but lags on equity 3/10. SAT scores are above average at 1168. 

     (Broadview): Ingraham High School focuses on aerospace engineering as part of its STEM program. Students delve into the principles of flight, spacecraft design, and the exploration of outer space. The curriculum includes Aerospace Engineering, Aviation Technology, and Rocketry courses. Students can collaborate with industry professionals, participate in research projects, and engage in aerospace-related competitions. Ingraham High School holds a notable school rating of 7/10, making it a solid choice for families seeking a future in mechanical engineering or computer-aided design.

    Ingraham High School serves Licton Springs, Northgate, Haller Lake, Greenwood, Broadview, Crown Hill, Greenwood Blue Ridge, Green Lake, Maple Leaf, and Phinney Ridge. For the neighborhoods also mentioned as Nathan Hale serving those neighborhoods, you should know that Ingraham serves the north end of those areas. In contrast, Nathan Hale serves the south end. 


When researching Seattle high schools and neighborhoods to consider when buying a home, remember to do your research. Seattle’s School District offers several excellent options for families seeking neighborhoods with robust STEM-focused schools. Furthermore, each school provides unique opportunities for students to excel in various STEM disciplines. For example, Ballard High School’s engineering and robotics program nurtures students’ innovation and problem-solving skills. Garfield High School equips students with essential computer science and technology knowledge, preparing them for the rapidly evolving digital world. Roosevelt High School’s emphasis on environmental science fosters a sense of ecological responsibility and sustainability. Nathan Hale High School’s biomedical sciences program opens doors to the healthcare industry, while Ingraham High School’s aerospace engineering focus ignites a passion for space exploration.

Lastly, when choosing your next home based on school quality, it’s crucial to consider not only the specific STEM programs but also the overall achievement of each school before buying into a neighborhood. Remember to visit each school, speak with administrators, and consider other factors like extracurricular activities, community involvement, and the overall learning environment.

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