Navigating Seattle’s Housing Crisis: The One Seattle Plan

Seattle is currently reviewing 24 neighborhoods to establish new urban villages. These villages will feature a combination of mid-rise housing spanning five to six stories, townhouses, and what Seattle refers to as "middle housing." Additionally, the plan includes the introduction of new shopping areas and improved walkability as part of the broader One Seattle initiative.

Amid Seattle’s housing crisis, where skyrocketing prices and limited availability have become everyday challenges, the city is charting a new course toward a more equitable and sustainable future. At the heart of this initiative is the One Seattle Plan, a comprehensive roadmap designed to address today’s pressing housing needs while laying the foundation for a more inclusive and resilient tomorrow.

A Blueprint for Change

Seattle’s housing crisis isn’t just about numbers—it’s about people. It’s about families struggling to afford rent, individuals facing displacement, and communities grappling with the impacts of rapid growth. The One Seattle Plan recognizes these realities and offers a bold vision for change. CLICK HERE to see the summary of The One Seattle Plan.

Housing and Affordability

At the forefront of the plan is a commitment to expand housing opportunities across the city. Recognizing that a shortage of affordable homes is a root cause of homelessness and exacerbates disparities, the plan aims to make housing more accessible. By encouraging housing development in diverse neighborhoods and leveraging public resources like the Housing Levy, Seattle seeks to create a future where homes are plentiful and affordable for everyone.

Equity and Opportunity

Seattle’s history of discriminatory housing practices has left deep scars, disproportionately affecting BIPOC communities and limiting access to homeownership and generational wealth. The One Seattle Plan acknowledges these injustices and seeks to rectify them by promoting a more equitable distribution of growth benefits. By welcoming newcomers, supporting communities in place, and providing opportunities for displaced residents to return, the plan aims to build a city where everyone can thrive.

Community and Neighborhoods

Vibrant, walkable neighborhoods are at the heart of Seattle’s identity, and the One Seattle Plan is committed to preserving and enhancing them. By focusing growth and investment in complete communities with access to transit and essential services, Seattle aims to create neighborhoods that are not only livable but also inclusive and welcoming to residents of all ages, races, and income levels.

Climate and Sustainability

As the impacts of climate change continue to be felt, Seattle is taking proactive steps to build a more resilient future. The One Seattle Plan includes strategies to reduce carbon emissions and enhance resilience, particularly in frontline communities most vulnerable to climate impacts. By addressing the intersection of housing and sustainability, Seattle is tackling its housing crisis and building a more sustainable and climate-resilient city for generations to come.

Moving Forward Together

The One Seattle Plan is more than just a policy document—it’s a commitment to a more equitable, livable, and sustainable future for all residents. By addressing the root causes of the housing crisis and charting a new course toward inclusivity and resilience, Seattle is laying the groundwork for a city where everyone can access safe, affordable housing and the opportunity to thrive. As we move forward together, let us embrace the vision of One Seattle and work towards a future where housing is not just a dream but a reality for all.

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