The Holidays are upon us!!! What will you get your house for the Holidays?

None of the following changes will add tremendous value to your home but they will provide that homey feeling with just a small investment. Loving your home more is always good money spent. So, here is what we love. Plus, if you’re handy, all these things will be cheaper…

Add hidden plugins EVERYWHERE! $1800 – $2200

A big pet peeve of ours is having cords strewn all over the place and messing with that clean, crisp, organized look. Plus they make cleaning so much more difficult. Solution? Add plugs everywhere – inside your cabinets, pantries, and closets. No more toothbrushes or shavers charging on the bathroom counter. Hide that toaster, coffee maker, or rice maker in your kitchen cabinets instead of leaving them on the counter for all to see. This gives your home that magazine ad aesthetic while maintaining its functionality.

Make that lighting right.. DIMMER switches and better bulbs. $1500-$2000

You ever wonder why the lighting in your favorite coffee house, restaurant or lounge are low and glow everywhere? Because it’s inviting and evokes relaxation. You don’t want to live in your office or school class room do you? NO. Solution? First, purchase better light bulbs. We like <BulB>. You can get them at Home Depot for $40 a can. The light they cast is natural and really brings out the details in your counters, wood floors etc. Then, you need dimmer switches. DIMMER SWITCHES EVERYWHERE!!! We like the Lutron Smart Control switches. They are about $40 a switch as well.

You’re not renting anymore – hang that T.V. properly. $400 – $1000

For many first time buyers it might seem that hanging a T.V. is a dream that would never materialize in a rental. You just get used to setting it on your entertainment set. But, when you own your home, your dreams can become reality. Hanging your TV is better for so many reasons. Less furniture, less dust, less wires, just less is more… Basic install is probably $400 but, then you don’t want your wires hanging down the wall.. So you might need to have a plug brought up behind the proposed installation spot or at minimum a smurf tube installed. This will add another $400 – $500 depending on your electrician. If you’re in the market for a TV or prefer your TV not be the center of your room, buy the Samsung FRAME. It doubles as a beautiful piece of art when you’re not watching the news, this weeks big game or the newest HBO special. Can you say compromise?

Paint, it’s not for color anymore silly rabbit.

Accent walls are great. But instead of picking an accent paint color, find an accent material or natural element. Let nature create color. You just pick what you want that to be. Reclaimed wood (maybe over played), lap siding, rolled steel, cool wallpaper (it’s back), faux concrete or real concrete, live wall, whatever. Natural elements are in and always more interesting.

AI is coming for you jobs, but for now, let those robots do the jobs you don’t want to do. $300 – $1000.

We love Roomba’s.. full stop. We’ve been buying Roomba’s since they were new ten or so years ago. We’ll just tell you they are SO MUCH BETTER then back then. Plus our newest Roomba hooks up to our smart house HUB. It’s FABULOUS!!! We also love the Brava mops. But, don’t use the Roomba fluid, it’s a rip off. Just add white vinegar and water to the tank and let that little helper loose in your home. We also like to glue eyeballs to our Roombas and make a little face… They become like a pet that way. Two in one!

Make that uneducated house smart! $2,500 – $10,000 depending on how much you want controlled. Blinds add A LOT!

If you want to go nuts, get Lutron Light Control switches and a few basic iPads. Then, program those lights to do what you like. This is really handy in newer homes where there are millions of switches. Just setup scenes and let the programing do it for you. But lighting is just the start. You can control your blinds, Roomba’s, A/C and heat, water heater, music, you name it. Once you get it all programmed, your home will run on auto-pilot. No more worrying if you forget to turn the lights off downstairs, put your Roomba on a schedule complete with report when finished, or have your blinds go down at 2:00AM so the sun doesn’t wake you. The world is your oyster!

Now, you might have questions… Ask us! We are here to help 🙂 

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