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4 Things You Might Need to Buy AFTER You Close on Your New Construction Home

If you’re buying new construction, there are a different set of considerations you’ll want to be aware of as opposed to if you were buying a resale. We want to make sure you’re not caught off guard by things that aren’t included with your home, so we’ve created a list of things you might need to buy so you can start budgeting now!

1. Window blinds.

Blinds can be expensive, and new construction doesn’t come with blinds. This will probably be a priority, especially if you have neighbors! You can easily spend $10,000 on blinds.

2. Appliances like a refrigerator, washer, and dryer.

Sometimes you might get a new refrigerator, but you almost never get a washer and dryer.

3. Decor to customize the space.

New construction can often be a blank slate (and we mean BLANK), and this means you’ll probably want to spruce up the space with some light fixtures or new light bulbs, at the very least. There won’t be any kitchen pendants, dining room lights, dimmers, etc. All of this can easily run you $3,000.

4. Paint.

Most new construction will have flat white paint on all of the walls, and it looks great because it doesn’t have a shine. But as soon as you touch it… it doesn’t look so good anymore. You might want to have the house painted before you move in! (In our opinion, every builder gets interior paint wrong. We feel like it’s always bad!). Painting the interior of a townhouse can be done for about $2,800.

Based on our experience, we recommend having about a $20,000 budget for making these improvements once you move in.

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