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A Get Happy at Home Listing in the Making: Lake City Townhouse

With this particular townhouse, everything needed work before we could list it. We ended up spending $8,000 on upgrades, which included:

  • Replacing the windows
  • All new carpet (plus we painted the subfloor)
  • We fixed the wood floors that were super scratched (we used wood putty and dyed it, and the floors looked brand new!)
  • We had to fix closet doors that didn’t open and close right
  • We fixed cabinets (there were doors hanging on their hinges)

With every listing, we want to give the impression of newness. We want everything to feel fresh, and to give people that “new car” feeling.

In the same townhouse complex, one home was selling just as we were listing. The other townhouse didn’t have anything done to it, and it listed at $475,000 and sold for $510,000. We listed our townhouse for $475,000… and it SOLD for $541,000.

We sold our townhome for $31,000 more than the neighbors did!

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