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Remodeling Your Home? Here’s Tips on Where to Shop for Homeware in Seattle (+ Online Tips)

If you’re embarking on any type of home remodel process, then you need to find some excellent professionals to work with, and you need to know where to shop for supplies.

You can take the initiative, and I highly recommend that you buy as much of the homeware needed for the remodel as possible. Pick out your own cabinets, pick out new lighting, etc.—usually, contractors have a steep markup, and why not try to get a deal if you can?

Pius Kitchen & Bath: For cabinets, I recommend heading to Pius Kitchen & Bath. They offer good quality cabinets that are super affordable. Most contractors in the Seattle area who are flipping or building homes will go here!

Before you go into Pius Kitchen & Bath, measure your room and plot your layout. At Pius, they will help you figure out what it will cost for cabinets (sans contractor markup!). You can even ask them what their contractor discount is! This will help you see what your kitchen materials will cost without labor. This gives you a baseline place to start for your remodeling budget.

Tile For Less: You can find tons of different types of flooring here for a great price.

Albert Lee Appliances or Metropolitan Appliance: Both of these Seattle appliance shops are excellent options for buying your home appliances. If you’re around town for 4th of July or Memorial Day, buy around these times—they have great sales! Also, do keep in mind that they will negotiate on price as well.

Rejuvenation: Here, you can find lighting, hardware, house parts and more. They have several stylish options; the style is great, and the quality is just good.

Etsy: I highly recommend the “Home & Living” section of Etsy. Etsy is known for its handmade goods, and here, you can find top-quality, affordable items. When it comes to lighting especially, having high quality fixtures it a must. If you go cheap on these, it will cheapen everything else you did.

That being said, I love searching online for homeware. I recommend checking out houzz and Pinterest for ideas, and a Google search is a great place to search for specific items as well. Spend time browsing images—most of the time, an item is going to be associated or linked to a store. There are so many places online to shop that it’s hard to only recommend a few—I recommend searching online and keeping your price comparisons organized!


Here are 2 important tips to leave you with:

  • Tip #1: Spreadsheets are my secret weapon. Start a spreadsheet where you can keep all of your online searches organized. Save item names, model numbers, website, and price.
  • Tip #1: Research reviews in advance. Whether you’re buying things online or in person, head to Google again and type in the store’s name + “business complaints.” Research ahead of time so you can steer clear of any potential disasters ahead of time!

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