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The Only Concrete and Steel Condo Building in Ballard

We just posted a huge price drop for our Hjarta listing. Now only $550,000. We also thought we’d share something special about this building vs. ALL other condo buildings in Ballard.

Many of us love the idea of living in Ballard and why not its a super walkable, active vibrant community with tons to do.

Everyone also usually prefers a concrete and steel construction building over stick construction… Why you may ask? Because they are quieter, higher level of finish but mostly because you do not hear your neighbors T.V. or blow out fights.

In Ballard we thought there were no choices for those who preferred concrete and steel. Literally, every condo building in Ballard except for Hjarta is stick construction. This means you are far more likely to hear your neighbors TV, party or barking dog.

Out of all Ballard condo buildings Hjarta! is your choice for superior construction!!

P.S. If you know how to say Hjarta correctly let us know… We were surprised by the actual pronunciation because we’ve never heard anyone say it the way it was intended. 

So if you want to live in a quite, well built building where you can throw a party then keep your eyes peeled for a good Hjarta listing. If you want to see a fantastic 1 bed with large den in Hjarta, check out our listing by clicking the link below!


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