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Real Estate News

Get Happy At Home is LIVE!

My brand spankin’ new website, GetHappyAtHome.com, is officially live!

I’m excited to show off this labor of love to the world, and this is really only the beginning.

Get Happy At Home is packed with Real Estate info (the good stuff, not the canned Real Estate blog posts you might be used to), useful insight on the Seattle Real Estate market, all kinds of essential and interesting information on Seattle neighborhoods, and of course, how to Get Happy At Home!

Here are a couple of awesome features that I’m excited to share:

In the coming weeks, you can expect more info on the neighborhoods you want to live in, updates on the ever-changing Seattle market, a guide to the real estate buying and selling process … and more.

In the meantime, sit back, relax, and click on the image below to enjoy a video of our beautiful city:

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In everything that I do as your REALTOR®, I have one guiding principle in mind: To make certain that your home-buying or selling experience is a happy, successful, wonderful life experience! We build trust and security with our clients using knowledge and transparency.