Beacon Hill & North Beacon Hill

North Beacon Hill: The Little Neighborhood That Could

Nestled just south of the International District and offering excellent commuting options to both Downtown Seattle and the Eastside, North Beacon Hill is an absolute gem of a neighborhood. (Matt loves it so much that this is where he’s lived for years now, and this is after living alllll over Seattle!) 

In fact, people love North Beacon Hill so much that it can be kind of hard to find a home here to buy. There are 11,256 people living here, and people who live here *love* to stay here. Having a low turnover similar to other much-loved Seattle neighborhoods is a sure sign that people are really valuing a neighborhood—and most people who buy in North Beacon Hill stay here for several years and even decades. 

Here’s a graph that shows how long people own their homes in North Beacon Hill: 

As you can see, 25% of people own their homes in North Beacon Hill for over 20 years, and even more people stay for 6-20 years. 

Based on our own experience working in North Beacon Hill and from talking to others, we’ve also observed that people who sell their home here are just moving to another home in North Beacon Hill. There’s a lot to love!

Other popular Seattle neighborhoods see similar rates of people staying in their neighborhoods for a longggg time. 

Here’s how long people stay in their homes in Capitol Hill:

Here’s how long people stay in their homes in Queen Anne:

Here’s how long people stay in their homes in Ballard:

Here’s how long people stay in their homes in Green Lake:

Here’s how long people stay in their homes in Magnolia:


If you’re trying to figure out whether or not a Seattle neighborhood is the right fit for you, first, read our blog post “How to Find The Right Seattle Neighborhood: Neighborhood Dating Advice” for tips. 

We also strongly recommend just exploring the neighborhood in person and when possible, ask people who live there what their experience has been like. Summer is especially a perfect time for this—more people are outside in their yards and at local parks, and you can go for a stroll and see what the neighbors have to say. 

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